Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.

– Dr. Maria Montessori

Our preschool program is an enriched learning environment organized into several curriculum areas; language, mathematics, practical life, sensorial, geography and science. The curriculum also includes foreign language (Spanish), music and technology. Our primary aim is to be a catalyst for the child’s natural desire to learn.

It is essential that the material environment be orderly for your child. As soon as he has realized the order he enters the repetition state which brings mastery of a lesson. Our students are empowered to make their own decisions which ultimately encourages self-discipline which improves behavior. This creates a positive attitude towards learning that lasts a lifetime.

The aim of the Golden Mittens Montessori Preschool program is to prepare your child to enter elementary (Ages 6-9) and help your child reach his full potential using the Montessori method. A foundation for your child success beings with the following components:

Individual Attention – Small class sizes that allow for one-on-one learning.

Manipulative learning – Hands on Montessori materials.

Sensorial – Children become aware by learning through sight, sounds and texture.

Practical Life – Opportunity to develop five movements and personal care.

Language – Through phonic lessons your child learns to read.

Mathematics – Concrete materials develop natural inclination for mental calculation.

Science – Lessons include living things, plants, animals and vertebrae.

Geography – Students learns maps, lands and water forms, continents and culture.

Multi-Age – Classrooms grouped with a variety of different ages and levels.

Technology – Students build a foundation for technological understanding.